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Re: libharfbuzz0 1.7.6-1 update causing xwin-xdg-menu.exe to crash

I just ran into this bug on a third Windows 10 1709 64-bit system, only this time it was a little worse. Both xwin-xdg-menu.exe and xterm.exe would crash. An strace on xterm.exe showed the crash occurring after reading that same font, but it happened even when I reverted libharfbuzz0 to the 1.7.4-1 version. On this system, I also had to revert libfreetype6 from 2.8.1-1 to 2.6.5-1 to get xterm and xwin-xdg-menu to run reliably. Something in the font handling in these two libraries broke on a recent update.

On 04/19/2018 04:15 PM, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
Has anybody else run into this problem? I've done two installations of Cygwin/X on Windows 10 systems this week, and they both had problems with the XWin Server dying just a few seconds after starting up. I traced the problem back to xwin-xdg-menu.exe getting a Segmentation fault, which then causes XWin Server to exit. I hacked an alternate .startxwinrc file to prevent XWin Server from dying (it ends with a "sleep infinity"), so I could debug it further.

With the XWin Server running reliably, I then ran "strace xwin-xdg-menu.exe" and saw that it got a segmentation fault just after reading a TTF font from the Windows Font directory (bahnschrift.ttf if it matters). I noticed there were two recent library updates related to font handling, so I tried back out to the previous version for each. It turns out that when I reverted to version 1.7.4-1 of libharfbuzz0, xwin-xdg-menu.exe stopped crashing.

If it matters, both these systems are the Fall Creator's Update (1709) of Windows 10 64-bit, and I'm running the 32-bit version of Cygwin.

Hopefully someone can track down and fix this recent bug!


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