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Persistently Disable Stacktraces

Dear cygwin community,

1. I've cygwin and put C:\cygwin\bin on the path
2. Now I can directly make use of rsync via java using the Process

Basically till here it works pretty fine. The only problem I sometimes get
is that rsync breaks and creates a stack-dump file. Basically I really do
not care at all about the crashed. But the problem is that I now have
stackdump files in folders where I do not care about them. I know that I
can baically disable them in bash using "ulimit -c 0". I've the feeling
I've searched all resources but I couldn't find any option how to set this
limit globally and independently how and from where I call cygwin .exe
files like rsync.

Do you have any hints/ideas/solutions for me.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

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