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Cygwin subversion and UNC path


I found a possible improvement for Cygwin Subversion.

Currently, Cygwin Subversion can not handle UNC path correctly.
07-fix-path-tests.patch in Cygwin Subversion package says "But do support a little UNC".
However, it does not work correctly.
This is just because of a typo.
In that patch, cygwin check is described as defined(CYGWIN) instead of defined(__CYGWIN__).

Replacing all occurrences of defined(CYGWIN) with defined(__CYGWIN__) enables Cygwin Subversion to handle UNC path.
For example, it could handle repositories checked out by TortoiseSVN from UNC path.
(Replacing libsvn_subr is enough to fix)

Please consider to apply this modification.


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