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Re: path parameter via cmd batch?

Greetings, Ulli Horlacher!

> I want to start a cygwin program via a cmd batch script.

> I have:

> C:\cygwin>type runcmd.bat
> @echo off

> C:
> chdir C:\cygwin\bin

> bash --login -c "%*"


bash --login -c '%*'

> echo.
> pause

> But when I start it I get:

> C:\cygwin>runcmd.bat xxx \cygwin\runcmd.bat
> xxx: cannot read cygwinruncmd.bat

> Press any key to continue . . .

> I know the problem: the Windows \ path separator is the bash escape
> character. My programm xxx does not see "\cygwin\runcmd.bat", but
> "cygwinruncmd.bat", so I cannot convert the path string with xxx.

> What can I do?

You can not use bash to start your program.
Then you won't be plagued by its mangling.

> The final aim is to have a "send to" service in the windows explorer where
> I can send any file or directory to xxx for processing.

Well… do it?

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, April 22, 2018 16:24:15

Sorry for my terrible english...