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Re: cygwin Digest 27 Mar 2018 08:53:38 -0000 Issue 10744

On 4/18/2018 2:45 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> On 4/18/2018 3:15 AM, Stephen Lyons wrote:
>> On 27/03/2018 09:53, cygwin-digest-help@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> For unusual reasons I was looking at my EMail on a Windows PC and it's
>> Anti-Virus (AVG Free) detected a Win32:Malware-gen infection in the file
>> Inquiry.exe inside Inquiry.gz inside the third message of this digest
>> (Issue: 10744) - given that that was a spam message anyhow, is such
>> *malicious* junk common in this mailing list?  Is it was just that I
>> happened to be using a vulnerable platform (i.e. Windows) whereas I
>> normally lurk from a *nix one that means I'm encountering something that
>> Windows/Cygwin users see frequently here?
>> Stephen
> We have noted an increase of SPAM and some are passing through the
> filters of the mailing list.
> It is usually not common but in my experience gmail is rejecting
> 5-10 mail per year from the mailing list due to dangerous attachment.

Yes and then the bounced mail causes the sourceware.org mail system to
send a probe mail to see if my mail account is still active.  Which is

I've CC overseers to see if we can come with a solution to this issue.

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