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Re: Fails to launch batch script in some directories

On Apr 20 14:33, David Macek wrote:
> Whoa, an interesting bug.  I'm forwarding this to the Cygwin mailing list for reference.  I might take a deeper look over the weekend if no-one beats me to it.
> It seems like running batch files (.bat, .cmd) inside a directory with an at sign and a space (such as '@ x' or 'x @') fails.
> /w/temp/@ x$ ./hello.bat
> 'W:\temp\@' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> operable program or batch file.

Funny.  That's very likely a bug in the @file handling in function
insert_file() in dcrt0.cc.  This is basically stone-age old code
to pamper starting Cygwin tools with too long commandl ines from cmd.

I'm looking forward with what you're coming up with.


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