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Re: "setup-x86 --quiet-mode" problems

> On Apr 19, 2018, at 11:31 AM, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
> I have an update script which calls "setup-x86 --quiet-mode".
> So far, this works great, but now it tries to install a new mintty.exe,
> but one mintty still running (where I started setup-x86), so setup-x86
> kills this process... and setup-x86.exe is killed, too, which resulted in
> a damaged cygwin installation :-(
> I was able to fix it by running setup-x86.exe via Windows Explorer (puhhhh!).
> How can I avoid this kind of problem in the future?
> I tried it with:
> setup-x86 --quiet-mode &
> sleep 1
> kill -9 $PPID
> But setup-x86 was killed again, too.

The way you fixed it already — don't run setup under mintty (or dash or …).
Setup is not a cygwin program (it's not linked to cygwin1.dll).
It's safest to have all of your cygwin processes stopped when you run setup,
anyway, to prevent problems just like this.
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