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Re: How to handle length limit of PATH environment variable

On 04/05/2018 08:47 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Andrey Repin writes:
Partial solution could be a wrapper that reduce PATH length by dropping
nonessential/duplicate/Win-specific paths before invoking Cygwin terminal.
I have such a wrapper for my own reasons.
You don't need one if your login shell is a POSIX shell and you don't
use Windows applications if you have set a system or user variable
CYGWIN_NOWINPATH to a non-empty value.  For tcsh I have patched
/etc/csh.login to do the moral equivalent; I guess that should be
packaged with tcsh eventually.

It's usually way easier to add to a clean path than removing cruft and I
generally lean into the direction of using wrapper scripts for Windows
applications that I need to use from Cygwin since quite often some other
things need attention aside from PATH.

i went for this solution as the default PATH after opening a Cygwin terminal was already ~2000 characters long.

thx a lot,

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