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Re: Problem with NC.1.107

On 10/04/2018 06:12, Jay Cotton wrote:
Here is the package listing at cygwin

nc: A simple but powerful network tool (installed binaries and support

     2013-03-19 15:35           0 usr/
     2013-03-19 15:35           0 usr/bin/
     2013-03-19 15:35       24576 usr/bin/nc.exe
     2013-03-19 15:35           0 usr/share/
     2013-03-19 15:35           0 usr/share/man/
     2013-03-19 15:35           0 usr/share/man/man1/
     2013-03-19 15:30        5052 usr/share/man/man1/nc.1.gz

post bottom here, and also trim the reply please.

As I highlighted before, you wrote:

  $ nc 23
  bash: /usr/bin/nc: Permission denied

the message is from bash and it reports that bash can not execute
nc. This happens when a Antivirus denies access to the program.
For example Symantec always blocks any nc.

Please note that nc replies to

$ nc --version
nc: unknown option -- -
usage: nc [-46CDdhklnrtUuvz] [-I length] [-i interval] [-O length]
          [-P proxy_username] [-p source_port] [-s source] [-T ToS]
          [-V rtable] [-w timeout] [-X proxy_protocol]
          [-x proxy_address[:port]] [destination] [port]


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