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Re: FAO perl-XML-SAX maintainers: request for pre-filling ParserDetails.ini

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> Would it be possible for the perl-XML-SAX package to add a post-install
> step per <http://perl-xml.sourceforge.net/faq/#parserdetails.ini>?

Sure, it is possible.  :-)

> Specifically, the instructions there say:
>> If you are packaging `XML::SAX` in an alternative distribution format
>> (such as RPM), your post-install script should check if
>> `ParserDetails.ini` exists and if it doesn't, run this command:
>>     perl -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::SAX::PurePerl))->save_parsers()"
> This would avoid the (apparently benign but irritating) error message I
> see when attempting to build things like the Git documentation
> complaining that the system "could not find ParserDetails.ini".

Hmm.  I'm not too sure this would work correctly in the face of other
changes in the installation.  But then again it's better than nothing.

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