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Re: gnutls 3.5.18-1 causes wget p11-kit-trust The module has already been initialized

On 2018-04-02 23:48, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On latest Cygwin x86 and 64, with all current updates, wget generates spurious
> error messages for https transactions on a direct network connection.
> $ wget https://cygwin.com/
> --2018-04-02 22:38:01--  https://cygwin.com/
> Resolving cygwin.com (cygwin.com)...
> Connecting to cygwin.com (cygwin.com)||:443... connected.
> p11-kit: p11-kit-trust: module failed to initialize: The module has already been
> initialized

Confirmed; this will be fixed by an upcoming update to p11-kit.

> Rolling back to [prev] 3.5.13-1 gnutls eliminates the message.

This is not recommended, as the latest version includes several security
fixes.  The message itself is harmless meanwhile.


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