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Re: How to handle length limit of PATH environment variable

On 05.04.2018 11:19, Peter Bauer wrote:

i was bitten by the length limit of the PATH variable of 4095 characters (see [1]) and could not find a way around it. This means i have a lot of software packages in different directories and each of them adds itself to the PATH so one can run the executables and have the shared libs available. Under Windows there is the "short path workaround" but what to do under Cygwin? Creating links with shorter names to the directories is not feasible since there may be different users and different directories per user.

Any ideas?
On Unix (though not on cygwin) I've previously solved such issues by writing a script that collects symlinks to the contents of some list of directories in a few (system and/or user specific) directories. These few directories then take the place of the list.

The script will need to be re-run whenever there are changes to the directories on the list, but that can usually be automated.



[1] https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/limitation-to-the-length-of-the-system-path-variable

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