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Re: spawn - where can I get it

On Wed, 4 Apr 2018, Mark A. Engel wrote:
Thanks but I get the "Address not found" screen. Also it looks like that is rehat site. I am running cygwin64 on my Windows 10 laptop, so will this run in cygwin or do I need some other site. Either case - address not found.

Victor Corral wrote:
you have to connet to ftp://ges.redhat.com

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Mark A. Engel <mark.engel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

cygwin team,
I am trying to install cross compiler to cygwin environment.  The build
stops when it can't find the "spawn" command.  I tried to download it with
the cygwin64_setup tool.  I can't find it there and nowhere in the
internet.  Do you have any idea where I might get/download the spawn
command for cygwing64?u

(1) Please don't start new email threads by replying to an unrelated email. Start with a new email to the correct list.

(2) This is not the correct list for your question. It should have been sent to cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx. I'm CCing that list so this query can be continued there.

(3) It's not clear from your email if you need a 'spawn' command as part of the execution of the build itself, or if one of the source files being built requires a spawn() function which has not been found in an include file.

Could you please reply quoting a few lines around the error in your build log? (But do that on the correct mailing list please.)


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