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Re: Error in Cygwin 32 Bit in WIN 10 OS 64bit

On 29/03/2018 08:02, SRI HARSHA Bulusu wrote:

While running the build of software,i have encountered the following error

*[main] make 12276 E:\tools\cygwin\bin\make.exe: *** fatal error - couldn't
allocate heap, Win32 error 487, base 0x1120000, top 0x1310000, reserve_size
2027520, allocsize 2031616, page_const 4096*

*1961286814 [main] make 19884 child_info::sync: wait failed, pid 12276,
Win32 error 4390*

*1961330811 [main] make 19884 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp
before initialization, retry 0, exit code 0x1000000, errno 11*

*make[3]: module.mak : 89: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable*

The first suggestion is to use the 64bit version of cygwin instead of the 32 bit; this reduce a lot the risk of fork failures.

As alternative, please provide the cygcheck.out
as mentioned on
Problem reports:       http://cygwin.com/problems.html

I suspect you have too many packages installed


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