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Re: Network Performance?

On 03/24/18 17:04, L A Walsh wrote:
L A Walsh wrote:
Jordan Geoghegan wrote:
Has anyone ever successfully transferred 150Mbps or more over the network using scp/sftp/rsync etc on Cygwin?
What is more important? testing cygwin's scp/sftp/rsync, or using 'ssh'
or running under cygwin, or transferring the file to a local backup server from a windows
client as fast as possible?
What is most important is getting reasonable performance when moving data via ssh, be it sftp, rsync or some other sort of data tunnelling via ssh. I need to pull backups from a Windows box, and am only able to get ~8MB/s from it. All my other machines can saturate the line, even this Windows box when it isn't using Cygwin. I will be testing WSL (Windows Subsytem for Linux) to see how its "native" rsync fares in comparison.

Some test notes below(been benching my win<->server speeds since Win98 days)...

Using bs=16.0M, count=64, iosize=1.0G
R:1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 1.66724 s, 614MB/s
W:1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 3.48363 s, 294MB/s

The above test only tests transfer speed -- not file i/o --
it uses /dev/zero for a source and /dev/null for a target.

For write, I used cygwin's 'dd' with if=/dev/zero and of=/h/null.
For read, I used if=/h/zero and of=/dev/null.

Thanks for the info. Would you be able to test file performance over the network? If you could just try copying a ~1GB file or what have you via sftp or rsync with actual writes to disk, I would be very interested to see how the numbers change.

Jordan Geoghegan

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