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Re: SSH/SFTP Network Performance?

Hi Elliot,

Thanks for the reply.

What was your setup that allowed you to reach 500Mbit? How were you copying the files? Were you using SFTP, SCP or rsync?

Was it a Cygwin to Cygwin transfer, or was there another OS involved?

Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to rule out all possible variables.


Jordan Geoghegan

On 03/23/18 18:17, Eliot Moss wrote:
Yes - I have gotten on the order of 500 Mbps, sometimes ranging
a bit higher, on a (shared) 1 Gbps Ethernet LAN.  Wireless is
not so good (in terms of reaching the max, sustained) - there
is some evidence that in that case the Windows driver on my
Surface Book is at least partly to blame.  Anyway, I can't say
whether Cygwin is what prevent me from getting 1 Gbps sustained
or not, since I didn't try it.

Regards - Eliot Moss

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