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Re: Quotes around command-line argument that has unicode characters are not removed

On 2018-03-22 18:10, Kaz Kylheku wrote:
> That may be so, yet there may be an issue here for someone packaging
> Cygwin programs for use as native Windows applications.
> That is to say, there could potentially be something here that the Cygnal
> project could address:
> http://www.kylheku.com/cygnal/
> Cygnal is an ultra-light fork of the Cygwin DLL that is intended for users,
> who run Cygwin programs out of the Windows environment directly, after building them in Cygwin.

Thanks for the hint. I confirm that just substituting cygwin1.dll makes
the test working:

D:\cli> test "текст плюс.txt"
param 0 = test
param 1 = текст плюс.txt
File 'текст плюс.txt' was opened

I was not able to find any relevant difference in dcrt0.cc, but perhaps the
difference is in initial setting of locale (Cygnal initialization).

With best regards,

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