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Re: setup 2.891release candidate - please test

On 18/03/2018 18:23, Houder wrote:

cd /var/log
file setup.log *log-*

grep '^M^M' setup.log-8.full
2018/03/18 14:06:50 Problem 1/1
nothing provides liblz4_1 needed by libarchive13-3.3.2-1
Solution 1/1 (default)
   - do not ask to install bsdtar-3.3.2-1
# apparently, problem reporting by libsolv causes an additional CR ... why?


Would it be possible to prevent the additional CR from showing up in the log
file? It is visible when the log file is examined by means of vi(m).

It looks like this is just a bug (we are logging the string after it's had the line terminators turned into CRLF for putting into a Windows text box, but the logging mechanism expects LF line terminators)

Thanks for testing, and thanks for pointing this out.

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