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Re: setup 2.891release candidate - please test

On 16/03/2018 21:52, Robert Cohen wrote:

Hi Jon,

  I tested setup-2.891.x86_64 with an install from local directory, and I got the same
result as setup-2.889-12-g1cf567.x86_64.exe, where it installed the additional packages
that I selected, but at the end it gave this message:

Package: _/libfontconfig-common
	fontconfig_dtd.sh exit code 2

  Do you think this may be because I'm installing from an already-downloaded directory and
It may work ok if I repeat the download and install process using the new setup executable, or
would another solution be needed for this, as alluded to in your earlier reply to this same error

Thanks for testing.

Yes, as I wrote in [1], this isn't more a missing feature and/or missing dependency information, than a bug in setup.

[1] https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2018-03/msg00108.html

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