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Re: Odd hang in python waiting for child; strace wakes hung process?

Dan Kegel writes:
> I've been happily using cygwin to run buildbot slaves for several
> years.  However, periodically they hang at the end of executing git.
> It kind of smells like SIGCHLD isn't delivered somehow.

That smells like it's the same as a longstanding problem I have with
certain Perl tests and a few (a bit too complicated) Perl scripts at
work.  I have never been able to reproduce it in a way that might enable
Corinna to have a look, unfortunately.

> My next sensible step is to use an up to date version of buildbot's slave
> (I'm running a very old one at the moment), but it seems kind of
> fishy that strace could wake the process up.

Well, with the sporadic hanging/defunct processes at work my routine is
to send CONT to all Cygwin processes, then HUP/KILL to anything that's
still not live or gone and then another round of CONT.  This works
_most_ of the time, anything more stubborn I /bin/kill -f usually.

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