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Introducing PyCygwin

Hi folks,

Just a little spam for a project I put together that might be of
interest to some people in the Cygwin community.  Python bindings for
Cygwin's C API [1]: https://github.com/embray/PyCygwin

The first release (0.1) is pretty threadbare and does not support most
of the API yet, but I rushed it out due to near-term need for the few
features it does implement.  However, I plan to expand it.

I think most of these features are not needed very often, but on
occasion they can certainly be helpful for porting software to Cygwin,
and this makes them more accessible from Python (no more running a
subprocess to run `cygpath` for example).

Hope someone finds it useful!


[1] https://cygwin.com/cygwin-api/

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