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[ANNOUNCEMENT] sox 14.4.2-5

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* sox-14.4.2-5
* libsox3-14.4.2-5
* libsox-devel-14.4.2-5
* sox-fmt-ao-14.4.2-5
* sox-fmt-pulseaudio-14.4.2-5

SoX (also known as Sound eXchange) translates sound files between different 
file formats, and optionally applies various sound effects. SoX is intended 
as the Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools.  It doesn't do anything 
very well, but sooner or later it comes in very handy.

This release includes fixes for CVE-2017-15372 and CVE-2017-15642:



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