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Re: output waring for cygwin process running at setup__.exe

>>>>  On cygwin setup, one has to kill cygwin process to execute autorebase
>>> the 
>>>>  end of setup process. 
>>>>  I think it is better to output worning at start stage setup if cygwin 
>>>>  process running. 
>>> I'm not quite sure of the steps you took to come to such conclusion. 
>>> Can you please explain? 
>> Sorry for my inadequate description. 
>> At postinstall stage, cygwin setup execute 
>> /etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash, 
>> this sometimes fails when Cygwin process(es) is(are) alive. 
>> Acooding to http://cygwin.wikia.com/wiki/Rebaseall, 
>> we have to kill or stop cygwin porcesses and sevices before rebase. 
>> This is why I propose that warning messages in pre-install stage in
>> cygwin setup. 

> Sounds about right. 
> If there's an existing Cygwin install, it is possible to run ps.exe and
> see if 
> it find any running Cygwin processes before attempting an update. 

Thank for your vote.
I hope my wish will become reality.


With best regards, 
Andrey Repin 

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