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Re: perl-libwin32

Erik Agee writes:
> Can anyone out there tell me the status for support of this package?  It is
> no longer listed in setup, and I can't find any discussion of it in the
> archives since 2014.  Seems like it just disappeared one day.  What
> happened, and are there any plans for it to return to Cygwin?

Most of it doesn't build or work correctly on Cygwin or only under 32bit
Windows or depending on things that don't belong to Cygwin.  So official
support for the whole bundle is quite unlikely.

> I have some legacy code that uses modules in this former package, that I
> need to get working on Cygwin 2.9.

You can certainly try to build them yourself.  Depending on what you
actually use it might still be working for that case.

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