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Re: gnuplot dev shapshot for Cygwin With qt terminal


I attached the README in the binary pacakge for install.
There described the issues I met and workaround to them are descibed.

README_TM.txt <http://cygwin.1069669.n5.nabble.com/file/t3087/README_TM.txt>  


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> From: Achim Gratz  
> To: cygwin 
> Cc: 
> Date: 2018/3/14, Wed 03:46 
> Subject: Re: gnuplot dev shapshot for Cygwin With qt terminal 
> [current Cygwin gnuplot maintainer here] 
> Tatsuro MATSUOKA writes: 
>>  I have added experimental Cygwin binary packages of gnuplot development 
> snapshot 
>>  with Qt terminal. 
> I understand this needs patches for some part(s) of Qt, which probably 
> means that some of these libs are now statically linked.  If you could 
> get them upstreamed or convince the the Cygwin Qt maintainer to pick 
> them up, I'd build gnuplot with a Qt terminal.  But we'd really need to 
> see the patch(es), a binary package doesn't help. 

The patch is already submitted to the cygwin list. 
And patch is also descrived in README_TM.txt. 
I did not use static link but generated renamed cygQt5Nwetwork-5-gp.dll.  
I used mingw gendef(64bit) of MinGW64 and pexports (32bit) of MinGW to
generate def file. 
And edit dll file name in def file and use mingw "dlltools" to generate
renamed libXXXXX.dll.a. 
Someworkaround is required for my case to kill GL and  shmget related error
BTW, wxt related things are described in here. 

> Regards, 
> Achim. 

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