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Re: Cygwin / Elastica Reach

Ingolf Markhof writes:
> I cannot use X for Cygwin (version 2.10.0) anymore since I recently
> got Elastica Reach installed on my Laptop running windows 10.

Whatever type of snake oil that is…


> Any pointers for a fix/workaround?

Well, try to clean up the PATH in Cygwin from any Windows nonsense.
Either set CYGWIN_NOWINPATH=1 in the system or user environment and
start a fresh login shell or manually reset the PATH to just /usr/bin
for testing.

That's unlikely to work given the nature of the program that interferes,
so your next step is to get an exclusion for Cygwin from your IT folks.
It helps to have a good reason like being unable to complete productive
work your company scheduled you to do instead of just showing up with
"the computer, it don't work".

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