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Re: Eclipse running on debian with remote display to cygwin X11 starts all squashed to a point

>>>>> Jon Turney <jon.turney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Probably the simplest way is to replace your existing
> /usr/bin/XWin.exe with it (after making a copy of the original so you
> can put it back afterwards)

The XWin.20180308-git-3ca71c7f563c3e91.exe file did not work
 - With no extra argument eclipse showed up squashed
 - With "-extension XRANDR" (my mistake, working for memory), nothing
   worked (I didn't try again with the right argument)

> I discovered that there is some RANDR state which doesn't always get
> initialized correctly, so also just running 'xrandr' might be a
> workaround (which was confusing me greatly when testing things :))

> I built another snapshot which fixes that, which you might also like to try.

> ftp://cygwin.com/pub/cygwinx/x86_64/XWin.20180309-git-42c162c6c1f98253.exe.bz2

With this XWin.exe eclipse showed up without requiring any extra

Thanks for fixing this! :-)

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