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Re: Setup-x86(_64) (v2.889) ... just a question

Houder writes:
> Is this the future of setup? Meaning, is it the intention that it may
> be possible that installed.db refers to files that do not exist?

The entries in that file have not been referring to actual file names
for at least a decade if not longer.  It's just been kept that way in
order to stay compatible with any known and unknown consumers of that
data.  The only real meaning is the _version_ that setup knows to be
installed (the packagename is the first part of the line and just
repeated for the version part that still looks liek a filename).

For setup itself, the file name to be installed doesn't need to match
anything at all (it wouldn't even need a .tar.xz suffix to fihgure out
the file type), but there's a naming convention that gets followed.
It's mostly so that one can look at the install log and understand what
has been installed or more easily find a file to manually install.

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