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Re: sed seems to force UC filename on Mixed 8.3 filenames on FAT32

On 2018-03-06 07:01, Fergus Daly wrote:
>>> I looked for recent similar issues and only found
> https://superuser.com/questions/1297658/folder-names-become-uppercase-when-syncing-to-fat32-drive

Have you checked that you get identical behaviour under cmd shell or PowerShell,
and see the problem using dir?
This would confirm that it is a file system problem and not the calls used.

>>> So if other users of this Win10 build start tripping on this same
>>> problem and reporting it, it may get looked at by MS.
> The site you mention also asked about variations in hardware or
> formatting mechanism. I find the identical behaviour in USB drives
> (local) and USB sticks (removable). In the past I have used Hitachi
> Microdrive to render Removable sticks Local, but can't find a version
> of this driver upgrade for 64-bit. (Not one that works, anyway.
> Several that don't.) Also identical behaviours whether the filesystem
> is formatted FAT32 in Windows or formatted FAT32 in Linux.
> So summarising:
> SOME (but not ALL) file transactions on FAT32 result in
> "Mixed case but no spaces 8.3" -> "ALL UPPER CASE 8.3"
> Examples are sed and dos2unix (and family); but not nano, or joe. I
> can't think of anything that I could reasonably test on a folder
> rather than a file to see the effect on foldername.
> Goodness knows how to upstream anything to MS.

Settings/bottom of page/Make Windows better/Give us feedback

> Finally, there was another Windows update yesterday, 05-MAR-2018: to
> version 1709 OS build 16299.251. Hopes of a return to correct
> behaviours were immediately dashed. :o(

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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