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Re: Setup problem (2.889 32-bit)

On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 12:42:33, David Lee wrote:
> I tried to perform a clean Cygwin installation and encountered a
> problem with package versions.
> Steps
> -----
> 1. Download setup.exe.
> 2. Run it.
> 3. At "Cygwin Net Release Setup Program", click next.
> 3. Choose "Install From Internet". Click next.
> 4. Pick a root directory. Click next.
> 5. Pick a local package directory. Click next.
> 6. Pick a internet connection suitable for you (I had to choose "system proxy").
>    Click next.
> 7. Pick a download site. Click next (I tried http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp
> and http://mirrors.kernel.org).
> 8. Let setup download setup.ini.
> 9. On the "Select Packages" screen, pick bsdtar. Click next. (There is
> nothing special about bsdtar; you can pick any packages that have
> liblz4_1 as dependency; see below).
> 10. On the "Review and Confirm changes" screen, notice there are some
> automatically pulled packages. One of them is "liblz4_1", at version
> "131-1". However, the current version is "1.7.5-1". You can see by
> going back to the previous screen and click on the "liblz4_1" package.
> Is there some reason that the setup program downloaded a previous
> version instead the current one for liblz4_1? Thanks for helping.

Bug in setup*. This also happens for x86_64. (maintainers are aware of this

As a reference, read


(Btw, install v1.7.5-1)


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