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Re: sed seems to force UC filename on Mixed 8.3 filenames on FAT32

>> ..."or operation on FAT32 was changed by Windows updates."

Starting to look exactly like that. On Windows 7 there is no problem.
On earlier W10 machines in this office there is no problem. My machine
underwent a massive (time-consuming) update on or around 13-FEB to
Microsoft Windows Version 1709 Build 16299.248]
from the previous
Microsoft Windows Version 1703 Build 15063.936]
and the troubles began then:

~> touch TryThis.TxT
~> ls T*
~> dos2unix TryThis.TxT
dos2unix: converting file TryThis.TxT to Unix format...
~> ls T*

This on a FAT32 stick. (Can anybody confirm this behaviour?) So I'm
guessing Windows has revised its default mount shortname syntax for
VFAT. Is there a way I can climb in and alter / override that, does
anybody know?


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