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(Solved) Re: question about running a linux-compat java prog under cygwin

L A Walsh wrote:
Dunno much about java, so please try to not laugh too hard.

I'm wanting to run the MegaRAID Storage Manager GUI on windows
to manage a megaraid controller.

I run the GUI on linux to manage my server's controller -- that works

Fortunately, looking at the card software for the previous
generation (the one used on my server vs. the recent ones sold
by Broadcom), I find a native Win32 version of the SW I use on my
linux box.

That'll do for now...

Too bad the newer stuff had to only supply Win10 compatibility
(they assume browser features based on identity -- so if they
get IE, they assume Edge -- thus no provision for earlier windows

Possible some 3rd party browser would work, but those are moving targets.

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