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Re: Another setup v2.889 regression?

On 04/03/2018 15:11, Houder wrote:
Because there are problems with setup v2.889, I decided to do
some testing of my own.

Thanks for reporting this.

2018/03/04 15:35:20 Augmented Transaction List:
2018/03/04 15:35:20    0 install  cscope
2018/03/04 15:35:20    1   erase  cscope             15.8b-1

 From override.hint on the "Twente" mirror:

curr: 15.8b-1

As far as understand, setup should attempt to install v15.8b1
in case v15.8.0.1-2 is installed.

Not the other way around. (currently v15.8b-1 in installed).

Yeah, this isn't working as expected. Time for a bigger hammer...

The previous version has been re-designated as 15.8a-2 (to match what it identifies itself as with 'cscope -V').

This should make setup update to the most recent version, while still allowing the previous version to be offered as installable...

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