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Re: setup-x86_64.exe v2.889 doesn't select additionally downloaded packages when installing from local directory

On 3/3/2018 11:01 PM, Robert Cohen wrote:
2018/03/03 22:13:12 Starting cygwin install, version 2.889
2018/03/03 22:13:12 User has backup/restore rights
2018/03/03 22:13:12 Current Directory: C:\Updates\cygwin_download\http%3a%2f%2fcygwin.mirror.constant.com%2f\x86_64


2017/06/20 18:42:33 Starting cygwin install, version 2.880
2017/06/20 18:42:33 User has backup/restore rights
2017/06/20 18:42:33 Current Directory: E:\Updates\cygwin_install

In both cases, I ran the setup executable from C:\Updates\cygwin_download, yet the "Current Directory"
reported by the logfiles differ.

Could the problem be related to the difference in "Current Directory"

Yes, I think it could. This needs to be looked into. Thanks for the report.


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