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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.889)

On 24/02/2018 15:26, Jon Turney wrote:

A new version of Setup, release 2.889, has been uploaded to

noted using `cygcheck-dep -N ..`

/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep: WARNING: broken dependencies:
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   installed package 'cygwin/clisp'
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   depends on the following required packages that are
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep:   not installed; these dependencies will be discarded
/usr/bin/cygcheck-dep: ( libfcgi0 libffcall0 )

also reinstalling `clisp` setup does not pull libfcgi0 libffcall0,
so it seems if dependencies of installed package are changing
setup is not able to pull the missing dependencies.

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