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Re: Printing (lpr, print, cat > <various names> returns printer not valid or no longer available

On 23/02/2018 16:35, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Rodney Barnhart!

It was a long time since I last tried smth like this, but I can replicte your
issues. Even if the job was sent to printer, it results in error.
On another hand, running text files trough

convert text:... pdf:- | lpr -lP '//$HOSTNAME/Device'

did produce some usable results. With PDFCreator.
It appears, the data sent to the printer must be understood by the printer

of course, it is also reported on the manual:

lpr spools a file to the specified printer device. No formatting is done -- data is sent "raw". This is useful,
for  example,  for  sending Postscript data to a Postscript printer.

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