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Re: ls Segementation Fault

On 13/02/2018 15:29, Fuchs, Thorsten wrote:

I am experiencing a high amount of exception messages and finally a Segmentation Fault when invoking strace ls. Please refer to the attached ls.strace. Without strace the ls is working. The same behavior could be seen for sed but not for cpp. However, the build processes automated with Cygwin needs the double time compared to an old RedHat Cygwin version. The strace ls is also not showing any exceptions in the old RedHat Cygwin version.
I already did a ash -> rebaseall to avoid problems with addresses.
The cygcheck.out and ls.trace are generated for Windows 10. But it is also reproducible on Windows 7.

Best Regards

Thorsten Fuchs

I will bet on the Antivirus. I had the same for long term with Symantec.


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