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Re: Cygwin Setup Version

On 02/02/2018 14:01, Juergen Ernst Guenther wrote:

sorry for bothering you.

Firstly, do not send me personal email.

Please read http://cygwin.com/problems.html#personal-email, particularly the section starting "Shouldn't I just send email to straight to a Cygwin developer or package maintainer?"

- Is there a simple way from command line
   to get the version number od setup_x86.exe,
   like -V or -version?
   In setup.log there is a version number, but
   I want to avoid the GUI.


A patch to add such an option would be useful.

- The setup version shown in
   seems to be a bit newer than of the ones to be downloaded at

These are release candidate versions.

- Is there a way to find out the setup versions on https://cygwin.com/
   before downloading them?

You can search the cygwin-announce mailing list archive for the most recent setup announcement?

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