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Re: mksetupini: depends nonexisting package

On 01/02/2018 18:05, Ivan Gagis wrote:

recently I started getting the following errors:

     mksetupini: package 'mypackage' version '0.1.1-1' depends
nonexistent package 'cygwin'

when trying to build the mypackage using calm. It looks like there
were some changes to calm lately, so perhaps something has changed
related to that.

What could be the problem there?

I guess you are using '--okmissing=required-package'. You'll need to add '--okmissing=depended-package'

(or change '--disable-check=missing-required-package' to --disable-check=missing-depended-package,missing-required-package', for the more modern option)

It probably doesn't make much sense to have these as separate checks, but they are, at the moment...

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