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Re: got missing cyggc-1 file restored

John Gotts writes:

> I had the same issue a week or two ago that was fixed by re-installing the
> libggc package.
> John
> On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 5:14 PM, U-BLASTER-6000\mtdew <
> thirdshiftcoder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi John and Brian-

Thx. for the cool posts. I went through getting postgresql installed
today from the cygwin installer and got it up and running with a
sample db thanks to your help and this blog post:


I plan on installing ocesql for postgresql tomorrow and then practicing
running COBOL with postgresql.

I can't believe how useful cygwin is for me now. I spend more time
fooling with it than I do in virtualbox with my linux guest.

Getting postgresql going is very easy with that blog post as a guide.

Have a very cool end of Jan. thx. - J. McNamara

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