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Re: Ejecting a USB drive using Cygwin (sync)?

On 24/01/2018 07:36, Steven Penny wrote:
On Tue, 23 Jan 2018 14:13:24, Brian Inglis wrote:
I found the following utility works well without elevation - Windows code from

the original code location is reported

// eject -- Allow safe removal of USB thumb drive.
// - Command line tool to flush/dismount/eject USB drive.
// - Simpler than mouse clicking through taskbar "Safely Remove Hardware" icon.
// - Usable in batch file scripts.
// 02-Nov-2012 Tom Van Baak (tvb) www.LeapSecond.com/tools

The proper copyright is reported, the "..."
are clearly showing an extract posted in line.

// Per MSDN, follow procedure for safe removal of USB drive.

No, this is not the code from that site. The code is similar, but I see you have
at least removed some empty lines. If you are going to do so, you need to
clearly present said changes to the community - something like "adapted from
http://..."; or "modified from http://...";, etc.

Software copyright - even open source license is serious, and you should give it
due respect.

he was not providing a full functional code, not claiming ownership,
just highlighting the key calls.

It seems to me that you are barking to the wrong tree.


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