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Re: Monit Compilation Errors

Kizito Porta Balanyà writes:
> Which is the best way to compile a program for both platforms (32-64 bits)
> to release a cygwin package?

Depending on how cleanly the sources and build system are set up you
could cross-compile one or the other or even both (from GNU/Linux), but
if you want to run the test suites you should simply have both a 32bit
and 64bit Cygwin installed and use those.  Unless you want to devote two
machines, that implies a native 64bit Windows and the 32bit installation
using WoW64.

I use a dedicated Win8.1 build box that doesn't see any other use and I
have another one with Win10 for the occasional test.  If you'd rather
use your main machine, it's a good idea to either have separate
development installations of Cygwin for the builds or run them in a
clean VM.

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