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gnuplot dollar sign and command line arguments

I noticed that gnuplot is configured with the flag --enable-backwards-compatibility in file gnuplot-5.2.2-1.cygport downloaded from http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/cygwin/x86/release/gnuplot/gnuplot-5.2.2-1-src.tar.xz. This flag causes the following test case to behave differently under Cygwin and Ubuntu:

ubuntu$ echo 'print "$0"' > x
ubuntu$ gnuplot -c x 1

cygwin$ echo 'print "$0"' > x
cygwin$ gnuplot -c x 1

More specifically the flag --enable-backwards-compatibility enables the backward compatible expansion of dollar sign expressions to command line arguments in gnuplot source files. Is there any specific reason that Cygwin chooses to enable this flag?

George Prekas

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