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Upstream Spectre CVE Patch Availability

Hi folks,

Not seen any posts here about the monster in the chip yet (although those who
might know may be busy dealing with the issues in their jobs), so has anyone any
idea if or when we might see upstream Spectre CVE patches available for the
following packages, whose bases have been mentioned in the many articles
published recently, and has anyone seen mention of any other packages likely to
be affected?

cygwin32-gcc-core 6.4.0-1
djgpp-gcc-core 5.4.0-1
gcc-core 6.4.0-4
libjavascriptcoregtk3.0_0 2.0.4-5
libvirt-common 3.6.0-1
libwebkitgtk3.0_0 2.0.4-5
mingw64-i686-gcc-core 6.4.0-1
mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core 6.4.0-2

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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