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deleted current directory behaviour

Currently cygwin emulates* Linux (and most other POSIXish systems that
I'm aware of) by allowing the current directory to be removed:

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ mkdir foo

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ cd foo

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git/foo
$ rmdir ~/dev/perl/git/foo

but is inconsistent after that:

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git/foo
$ pwd

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git/foo
$ cd ~/dev/perl/git/foo
bash: cd: /home/tony/dev/perl/git/foo: No such file or directory

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git/foo
$ cd ~/dev/perl/git

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ ls foo
ls: cannot access 'foo': No such file or directory

The pwd isn't (only) the shell caching the current directory:

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ cat 132648.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

int main(void) {
  char buf[1000]; /* keeping this simple */
  if (mkdir("foo", 0700) < 0) {
    return 1;
  if (chdir("foo") < 0) {
    return 1;
  if (rmdir("../foo") < 0) {
    return 1;

  if (!getcwd(buf, sizeof(buf))) {
    return 1;

  return 0;

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ cc -o132648.exe 132648.c

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ ./132648

On Linux that program outputs:

tony@mars:.../newlib/git$ ./132648
getcwd: No such file or directory

Is that inconsistency with other platforms intentional?

If it isn't, are there any plans to make it consistent with
Linux/other POSIX-like systems?

Note: I'm not requesting this be fixed.  I have perl test code that
needs to be skip the test with the current behaviour, or allow
execution if the behaviour is made more consistent.


If it matters:

tony@saturn ~/dev/perl/git
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW saturn 2.9.0(0.318/5/3) 2017-09-12 10:41 i686 Cygwin

* Win32 doesn't allow removing the current directory:
  rmdir: Permission denied

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