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[ANNOUNCEMENT] twolame 0.3.13-2

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* twolame-0.3.13-2
* libtwolame0-0.3.13-2
* libtwolame-devel-0.3.13-2
* libtwolame-doc-0.3.13-2
* mingw64-i686-twolame-0.3.13-2
* mingw64-x86_64-twolame-0.3.13-2

TwoLAME is an optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder based on tooLAME 
by Mike Cheng, which in turn is based upon the ISO dist10 code and portions 
of LAME.

This is the initial official release for Cygwin, following the expiration
of any MP2-related patents.


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