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rebase-4.4.3-1 regression: Too many DLLs for available address space

After 4.4.3-1 upgrade, rebase always fails on 32- and 64-bit Cygwin:

$ rebase -s -T /var/cache/rebase/rebase_all
rebase: Too many DLLs for available address space: Cannot allocate memory

Using /bin/rebaseall does not help.

A downgrade to 4.4.2-1 fixes the problem.

The DLL address range on 32-bit Cygwin looks sane:

$ rebase -si
/usr/libexec/coreutils/libstdbuf.so   base 0x436b0000 size 0x0000b000
/usr/lib/zsh/5.3/zsh/zutil.dll        base 0x436c0000 size 0x0000e000
/usr/bin/cygEMF-1.dll                 base 0x6ff80000 size 0x00034000
/usr/bin/cygEGL-1.dll                 base 0x6ffc0000 size 0x00039000


PS: rebase should possibly warn/fail if a 32bit DLL would need to be rebased < 0x38000000. Recent tests on Win10 1703 show that LoadLibrary() always loads such DLLs to other locations.

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