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Startkde issue

Hello everyone.
I can't understand why startkde doesn't work in my pc.

My PC is a W7 64bit
I launch Cygwin Terminal (D:\..\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -)
I launch "startkde" but kde can't start. I get the error "$DISPLAY is not
set or cannot connect to the X server."

Issue seems to be in kcheckrunning command in the /usr/bin/startkde script.
I try to run it standalone and it gives always RC=2, even without any
xserver running!

Anyway, xfce (startxfce4) works greatly and launching a kde app in it
(i.e.: kwrite), works correctly.

I can't find anything useful in the web.
Any idea?


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                            A. Camilleri

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