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Re: flex package POSIX violation

On Sun, 31 Dec 2017 18:43:00, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
Which is why I wanted to see where this was going. Are these fixes
just looking for low hanging fruit to be POSIX compliant, or are these
needing larger amounts of resources to be 'compliant'? If the
flex->lex link fails some sort of POSIX test, are people going to need
Cygwin porters to fix those? Also is there an easy line for "this is
compliant enough?"

Here is a simple demonstration of the problem:

   $ cat xr.l
   %option main
   ya printf("zu");

   $ make xr
   lex  -t xr.l > xr.c
   /bin/sh: lex: command not found
   make: *** [<builtin>: xr.c] Error 127
   rm xr.c

now of course you can work around this by "make LEX=flex xr" or similar, but no
major Linux distro makes you do this, as they already include "lex" vis-a-vis
the symlink to flex.

[1] http://gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Implicit-Variables

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