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Question regarding cygwin setup.


I have noticed that if cygwin setup is running and it is installing
something then if the network connection goes away, then cygwin setup just
goes back to 0% and starts all over again after network comes back (I have
to start it again).

So, if cygwin setup had completed 90% of installation and then network goes
away then it goes back to 0%. So, all the bandwidth used for 90%
installation went to waste and also the time to go till 90% installation
went to waste.

Is it possible that cygwin setup gets stuck on network rather than going
back to 0% and start again when network connection comes back (Obviously
cygwin setup should not be aborted in between).

Normally, TCP connections stay alive for 2 hours before reset, so I guess
cygwin setup can just block on the TCP socket / connection rather than
going back to 0%.


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